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Relate effectively. Nurture diversity. Advance business.

Today's most innovative and productive workplaces boast the most diverse and supportive work environments. These environments foster trust, respect and collaboration. Research proves that this gives companies a competitive edge.

Respect-at-Work™ transforms businesses and maximizes productivity by showing managers and employees how to:

  • Develop strong interpersonal business relationships
  • Build effective communication skills
  • Teach cooperative, collaborative workplace behaviors
  • Address possible areas of conflict/vulnerability before problems develop
  • Build strong teams
  • Use diversity as a catalyst for problem solving and innovation

Positive workplace relationships have not traditionally been viewed as measurable assets. But they're not intangibles. Respect-at-Work will help you measure and build the relational power of your enterprise. Click here for more information.

Centre for Children & Families in the Justice System

Little Eyes, Little Ears: How Children are Shaped by Violence Against Their Mothers

Children are forever changed by living with violence but not forever damaged. There is a lot you can do to help. Learn about the 10 ways children are shaped by living with violence and the 10 strategies you can use in working with them in a mental health, child protection or shelter context. Click here for more information.

Helping Abused Women: 101 Things to Know, Say and Do

This material focuses on understanding how abuse affects women, how men rationalize abuse, principles underlying effective woman-centred interventions, the paradoxes of abuse, assessing safety, understanding coping, how to help women work through the emotional process of ending a relationship and “tool box” ideas for practice. Click here for more information.

Helping Abused Women in Shelters

Helping women in a residential program such as an abused women’s shelter, refuge or transition house is a unique opportunity to provide intensive support at a time of crisis and transition. This training can focus on any of these topics: assumptions and principles guiding work in a shelter context, identifying issues with which a woman might need assistance, potential barriers between your help and her needs, how to match your support to her stage in the leaving process, challenges faced by women living in shelters, coping strategies you might see in shelters, intervention strategies, and some dilemmas facing shelter workers. For more information, click here.

Sexual Assault Centre London

Workplace Sexual Harassment

This is offered to corporations and not for profit agencies; a workshop that helps leaders and employees create workplaces free of sexual harassment.

Learning the Basics about Sexual Violence

This is for faith based groups interested in learning more about sexual violence. The workshop focuses on defining sexual violence, exploring how it is a social problem and how faith based communities can create cultures that prevent sexual violence.

Responding to Disclosures in a Safe and Compassionate Way

This workshop is for faith based groups interested in developing the necessary skills to respond to sexual violence within their faith community.

Exploring Healthy Relationships in Culturally Diverse Communities

This workshop is designed specifically for ethno-cultural communities of women interested in exploring healthy relationships.

Sexual Violence on University and College Campuses

This workshop is designed for University and College student groups such as fraternities, sororities, Residence Administrators, Student Councils and other student and administrative groups on campus.

Volunteer Training

This is a specially designed Volunteer Training Program that provides interested women and men the opportunity to learn about sexual violence and to become a trained volunteer for Sexual Abuse Centre London. Women aged 18 years and older can be trained on the 24-7 crisis line.

Sexual Violence in Intimate Partner Relationships

This workshop explores sexual violence in intimate partner relationships.

Date Rape

Sexual Exploitation on the Internet

Mentorship Program

Exploring Healthy Relationships in Girls Aged 14 to 19

Other Presentations

Sexual Violence as a Social Problem, Healthy Relationships in Teenagers, Workplace Sexual Harassment, Women and Leadership

Across Languages

Community Interpreter Training Program

The Community Interpreter Training Program is offered twice a year to prepare participants to enter the field of interpreting with the knowledge, skills and ethical practices required for competent and professional work. Graduates have the opportunity to work for Across Languages in sectors such as Healthcare, Social Service, Law, Domestic Violence and Immigrant/Refugee related services.

Entry requirements:

  • High level of language proficiency in English and another language
  • Successful completion of an interview and a language assessment test (ILSAT) at a cost of $100.
  • Availability for training (1 day a week/15 weeks) and for assignments (business hours)
  • Post-secondary education preferred
  • Evidence of no criminal convictions in Canada
  • Selected applicants must pay a material fee of $250.