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www.atlohsa.com (Zhaawanong Shelter for Native Women)

www.missionservices.ca/shelters-a-programs/rotholme-womens-and-family-shelter (Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter)

www.shelterlondon.org (Women’s Community House, shelter)

www.wrrcsa.org (Women’s Rural Resource Centre – Strathroy, shelter & other services)

24-Hour Hotlines

www.shelterlondon.org (Abused Women’s Hotline)

www.awhl.org (Assaulted Women’s Hotline)

Counselling and Support Services for Men

www.adstv.on.ca (Addiction Services of Thames Valley - drug, alcohol & gambling addictions)

www.caringdadsprogram.com (Supporting men who have abused or neglected their children and exposed them to the abuse of their mothers)

www.changingways.on.ca (Holding men accountable for abusing)

www.dayacounselling.on.ca (Grief & loss, childhood sexual abuse)

www.familyservicethamesvalley.com (Support for childhood sexual abuse, building supportive relationships)

www.lihc.on.ca (London Intercommunity Health Centre - support groups for anger management)

www.jhs.london.on.ca (John Howard Society – outreach, counselling for those facing trial, on probation or at risk of offending)

www.lfcc.on,ca (London Family Court Clinic – parenting coordination after separation & divorce)

www.mfrc-london.org (London Military Family Resource Centre- crisis intervention, support programs for families)

www.sjhc.london.on,ca/mhl (Regional Mental Health Care- support and assessment for adults facing severe or persistent mental illness)

www.uwlondon.on.ca (United Way of London & Middlesex – early intervention & prevention programs, capacity building for parents)

Counselling and Support Services for Women and Children

www.aidslondon.com (Aids Committee of London- support for families and individuals living with HIV)

www.atlohsa.com (At^Lohsa Native Family Healing Services - native family support, Elder’s Circle, community education, training and prevention program, drop-in centre)

www.carrefourfemmes.on.ca (Carrefour des Femmes du Sud-Ouest de l’Ontario- Support and services for francophone women who have been victims of abuse)

www.caslondon.on.ca (Children’s Aid Society of London & Middlesex- support & prevention programs including for abused women and sexual abuse intervention)

www.dayacounselling.on.ca (Grief, loss, domestic violence and childhood sexual abuse)

www.familynetworks.ca (Support and community resources for families)

www.familyservicethamesvalley.com (Counselling for trauma and abuse)

www.lihc.on.ca (London Intercommunity Health Centre – multicultural women’s project, support for children)

www.jhs.london,on,ca (John Howard Society - outreach, counselling for those facing trial, on probation or at risk of offending)

www.lawc.on.ca (London Abused Women’s Centre – counselling & support for abused women, extensive resources)

www.legalaid.ca (Legal Aid – legal aid services for low income individuals)

www.lfcc.on.ca (London Family Court Clinic - – child welfare assessment, parenting coordination after separation & divorce, youth justice & mental health services, support and preparation for children testifying in criminal court, extensive resources list)

www.lusocentre.org (Support for immigrants and youth)

www.mfrc-london.org (London Military Family Resource Centre - crisis intervention, support programs for children, youth & families)

www.police.london.ca (London Police Services – Family Consultants & Victim Services Unit – support for victims of crime)

www.vanier,com (Assessment, treatment and care for children with behavioural challenges)

www.merrymount.on.ca (Support & crisis care for children & families)

www.healthunit.com (Middlesex-London Health Unit – healthy child development, wellness, and parenting education)

www.sjhc.london.on,ca/mhl (Regional Mental Health Care - support and assessment for adolescents and adults facing severe or persistent mental illness)

www.sjhc.london.on.ca/sjh/programs/saweb/sadvhome (Regional Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Treatment Centre – treatment and counselling for women & children who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence)

www.sacl.ca (Sexual Assault Centre London – counselling & support for women who have experienced sexual violence)

www.uwlondon.on.ca (United Way of London & Middlesex - early intervention & prevention programs, support for abused women and children, capacity building for parents)

www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca (Victim/Witness Assistance Program – support and referrals to victims of crime)

www.ways.on.ca (Western Area Youth Services –WAYS - residential care, youth justice services, foster care and community services through advocacy and counseling for youth and children at-risk)

www.wotch.org (WOTCH Community Mental Health Services - housing opportunities, drop-in centres, information referral, individual and group counselling, assessment and advocacy for women who are homeless or at risk of being)

Other Local Resources

www.acrosslanguages.org (Across Languages.org)

www.crvawc.ca (Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women and Children

www.mfsp.ca (Muslim Family Safety Project)

www.asafepassage.ca (Supporting women survivors of abuse in the childbearing year)

Other Resources

www.awhl.org (Assaulted Women’s Hotline)

www.cleo.on.ca (Community Legal Education Ontario)

www.committeetoendwomanabuse.ca (Thunder Bay & District Committee to End Woman Abuse)

www.drugandalcoholhelpline.ca Drug and Alcohol Helpline

www.endabusenow.ca (Grey Bruce Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse)

www.endthecycleofabuse.com (Nipissing Transition House)

www.griefnet.org (Grief and loss)

www.healnetwork.org (Children witnessing violence)

www.hotpeachpage.net (International directory of domestic violence agencies)

www.jacksonkatz.com (Gender violence prevention with men & boys)

www.jimhopper.com (Male childhood sexual abuse)

www.kanawayhitowin.ca (An aboriginal initiative to end woman abuse)

www.malesurvivor.on.ca (Male childhood sexual abuse)

www.metrac.org (Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence On Violence Against Women & Children)

www.nacafv.ca (National Aboriginal Circle on Family Violence)

www.neighboursfriendsandfamilies.ca (Information for men & women, both victims and perpetrators, as well as neighbours, friends and families)

www.nwac-hq.org (The Native Women’s Association of Canada)

www.ofifc.org (Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres)

www.onwa-tbay.ca (Ontario Native Women’s Association)

www.onefamilylaw.ca (Family law education for women)

www.ontario.cmha.ca (Resources for mental illness & grief and loss)

www.owjn.org (Ontario Women’s Justice Network)

www.pcawa.org (Peel Committee Against Woman Abuse)

www.phac-aspc.gc.ca (National Clearinghouse on Family Violence)

www.safecanada.ca (Resources on domestic violence)

www.shelternet.ca (Connecting women to shelters & support)

www.shadowtolight.ca (Male childhood sexual abuse)

www.springtideresources.org (Woman abuse resources)

www.swc-cfc.gc.ca (Status of Women Canada)

www.violetnet.org (Law & abused women)

www.whiteribbon.ca (White Ribbon Campaign)

www.womanabuse.ca (Woman Abuse Council of Toronto)

www.womanabuseprevention.com (Woman abuse prevention)